Are the citizens from your city able to find your business?


Customers in your neighborhood are looking for your local business online, but will they be able to find it?

According to Google "4/5 consumers use search engines to find products, services or experiences nearby."


Most people tend to forget that Search Engine Optimization can target a specific country, city even a specific gender or age group.

There are a lot of businesses that won’t increase their business significantly because someone from another country heard of them or even because they appear on the first page of Google and someone that lives 300 miles away searches for their kind of products.

Let´s put this into perspective, let´s say you own a coffee shop, in the center of Detroit. You work on your SEO and find yourself in the first page of Google for the following keyword “Coffee”, sounds great right? But it isn’t. And you ask, why? After all you sell coffee too. The answer is simple, if you are looking for a coffee shop in Detroit would you search for “Coffee” or would you try instead “Coffee shop in Detroit”? The second option right? So not only it is harder to rank for “Coffee”, it just won’t attract the right kind of visitors to your website, which in this case, is people interested into going to a coffee shop in Detroit.

So I ask again: Customers in your neighborhood are looking for your local business online, but will they be able to find it? Unfortunately, the answer is usually, no.

Search Engine Optimization experts are aware of this, and have a solution, which is, Local Search Engine Optimization. It addresses this need as it deals with increasing your local businesses' visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's) within a specific targeted geographic region. The main focus is on "local intent" and queries containing geographically related keywords. Think of your potential customer searching “cafes in Detroit” or “mechanic in NYC”.

Not all SEO strategies are alike. It´s time to ask yourself, are you employing the right SEO strategy?
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