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Migrate to MXroute

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Simple Process

We make it simple and fast.
Collect your email accounts data

Collect Account Details

You'll send us your account details.
This includes MXroute server name, and your email account details.
Sync Emails

We'll Sync the accounts

Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement.
Update MX Records

DNS MX Records Update

You update your DNS Mx records
reSync Emails

Peace of mind reSync

We'll resync your emails one more time to make sure that no email went astray while the DNS changes were taking effect.


What it costs.
The cost is a one time fee of €10. For the most common scenario of 1 Domain, 5 email accounts and up to 20Gb of data.
If your case does not fit the above scenario, please reach out to us for a custom quote.
Services that surpass our client’s expectations.

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