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Developing a Brand online requires time, knowledge and the right set of tools

There are many reasons that turn hiring an in house team unpractical or even impossible, the budget alone may me daunting. With this in mind we have developed a set of services that will take that task our of your hands and put in the hands of our team, we already manage several Web Platforms and would like to manage yours as well.

In short, subscribing one of this plan will let you focus on your core business while we focus on maintaining your website and build up your brand online

We have different plans available, take a look at each and let us know your questions, we will be more than happy to provide you with the necessary information in order for you to properly access how this plans will benefit your business.



Managed Hosting
Ideal for small businesses that just need
to have their website & emails running smoothly
Web Hosting
SEO Reports / monthly
Analytics Reports / monthly
55€ /month
Website Maintenance
Ideal for who needs someone to regularly udpate their website - up to 6 pages
Premium Web Hosting / add CDN
Website Updates
Analytics Reports / choose frequency
SEO Reports / choose frequency
Backups / website and cPanel
105€ /month
Platforms Management
Enterprise level services to manage online platforms.
Premium Web Hosting / add CDN
Social Profiles Management
Website Updates
Design Tweaks
Add/Remove Pages
Analytics Reports / choose frequency
SEO Reports / choose frequency
Backups / website and cPanel
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*Mentions tracking is a service that will monitor the social profiles in order to identify users that are talking about your company, giving you the opportunity to engage this users. This is a great tool as it will give you the opportunity to talk with current or past customers on their own profile giving you exposure to their whole network of friends.




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