What is an ERP

What does ERP stand for

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning. It's software that helps companies manage their business processes, their people, and resources in one place. The idea of the system was to help companies automate all aspects of running their businesses, from sales through to production. An ERP would allow them to be more efficient and make better use of their time and money. In short, it will enable you to do your job faster with less.

7 Best Ways to Promote Your Small Business Online

As a small business owner, you need to follow a few steps to ensure that you are not missing out on any online marketing opportunities. You can use the Internet to find prospective customers and make more sales.

These are some of the issues I will address in this article by outlining 7 tested methods for promoting a business online.

First, you need to check which of these marketing methods are best for your small business. Since every business is engaging a different audience and location, you have to employ various tools. Once you start experiencing results then you can invest more money and resources to engage more customers.


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