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Tropictran is a french association of artesans

The aim of this website is to provide an online platform for their associates to present their work without the need to submit the work to the association itself. So we opted to develop a Joomla Website, where the associates could upload their work themselfs and in turn the association is able to feature on the frontpage only the work they wish to.

This is also a Multilanguage website, something Joomla is perfect for.


Host4Go is a Hosting company that strifes to offer a great service and incredebly low prices.

It was great to develop this site as it was the first time we got really aware of all the details and complexity of this services

Gianser Web Stuff

Gianser is a Tech News Repository focused on Web Design and Develoment

This website acts as a Portal where Editors and Writers work together in order for the site to be up to date

We are currently in charge of th hosting and maintenance of the website and can tell you that in about 2 years the site alrady holds over 60000 articles. This was indeed a very chalenging project in regards to develpment a solution that would fit the needs of the writers. Bottom line is that it was fun to be envolve with the development of this site.

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