How to build a sucessfull website

If you are about to create a new startup website or thinking of making your current site more efficient, you are in the right place.  This short guide for small businesses is set up for you to be able to get started ASAP and support your small business website to face competitors effectively in this changing online marketplace.


Why use SQL?

A descendent of the 70’s SEQueL standard, SQL has aged well and is still the tool most favoured by database administrators across the globe. There are two essential purposes of a database language:- to create and edit the database and to perform queries. The simple fact is that these tasks are accomplished by users of SQL and SQL powered applications with generally greater ease and efficiency, and that no-one has yet come up with a better way of working with data in a relational database.


Your Web Platform was developed, what now?

Finally the design, development and testing phase is over, you have a Web Platform that truly can represent your project, does this mean that your work is done here?. The short answer is, no!.

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