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Innovative web solutions that improve your business!Modern web design has evolved a great deal, and unlike old static websites which were only promoting your business, modern websites contain user -generated content such as forums, blogs. Autson focuses on making interactive forum systems for your website. Forum Systems are not just a mere additional feature anymore. Modern website design demands interactivity which can be accomplished with user-generated forum systems. Forum systems encourage a better communication with potential customers/clients and enable you to listen to their proposals, their ideas thereby creating an environment and opportunity for improvement of your services. Additionally, forum systems will increase website traffic and through interactivity draw more attention to your business, services or products. This all together is helping you to position yourself better on the market and expand your reach.


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Modulus provides unique forum system solutions and help you with all necessary features such as, moderator tools, regulation of users, user accounts and much more. Our Forum System package provides unique features for your business needs:

  • Moderation of queries posted by members
  • Moderators can close or respond discussion
  • Seamless integration of the Forum system via SMS/cell phone
  • Admin Panel and Forum Solutions
  • Capability to message other members and send newsletters

Forum system works toward attracting users to your website and gives them the opportunity to be involved in your business. It allows them to spend more time on your website hence enables them to get to know your brand, services or products.

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